Crannach Bread Making Courses

SINCE 1999

Baking Since 1999

About the bakery and the courses

We started baking at Cambus o’May in the Spring of 1999, initially for visitors to the coffee shop. As farmers markets, deli’s and farm shops came into existance around us, we baked for them. Customers, particularly at the markets began asking about courses, we began, slowly at first, steadily growing over the years.

The basic course has developed over the years to include the five items we make today. We start with wheat sourdough, followed by a basic everyday loaf, then a Ciabatta style bread, three different types, all different in feel and handling. Then in the afternoon, brioche and sweet buns.

The seasonal courses usually take place a few weeks before the event, for example Christmas or Easter. We will produce five different baked goods, these are then taken home to be eaten fresh or frozen to consume during the holiday period. After thawing out, five minutes in a hot oven will restore the crust and bring out the baking smells of the contents.



We use a mixture of flours, some easily bought from a supermarket, to locally grown and milled. There will be 6-8 people on each course, for some recipes the participants can choose the flour or mixture of flours they use. This often leads to variation in the finished loaf and discussion about, for example the quantity of wholemeal flour used.


The recipes we use have been tried and tested many times. They are not complicated, the aim of the day is to instill confidence and the ability to tackle any recipe.

Kneading by hand

On the day everything is made by hand, on returning home a small mixer can save you time, if you’re ever short of it.