Crannach Bread Making Courses

SINCE 1999

Courses are available for individuals and groups at a variety of venues. We are based in Aberdeenshire, alternatively, we can travel to you.

Courses Available

Basic Breadmaking One Day Course

We start at 9am and finish around 4.30pm, you don’t need to bring anything with you, lunch and drinks etc are provided. The aim of the day is for you to go home and attempt any recipe in your own baking recipe books. We make a sourdough loaf, a basic yeasted bread, ciabatta, fruit buns and brioche.

Seasonal Baking Courses

Prior to Easter and Christmas holidays courses are held to make and bake traditional seasonal recipes. For example Babka, Tsoureki, Hornazo, Osterbrot, hot cross buns, Panettone and Stollen.

Baking for groups

Courses are tailored for groups of family and friends, usually running between 9am and 4pm. The day can comprise the basic course, or based on a particular theme of your choice.

From recipe to removing the finished product from the oven, each step of the baking process is followed and explained

Brioche ready for the oven

Brushing the top with with beaten egg for a glossy finish.

Sourdough proved in a plastic bowl

If you don’t own a proving basket, an oiled bowl will work as a substitute

Butter in the Brioche

Incorporating butter into brioche dough, a necessarily messy business.

Spicy Bun ingredients

Kneaded dough

Starter ferments

Ciabatta ingredients